Start a healthy

1 – Eat the Rainbow
No, we’re not talking about skittles, but naturally colorful and vibrant. These foods are often the ones that provide a wide array of health-promoting nutrients. The simple habit of adding colorful fruits and vegetables to your meals will allow you to provide your body with the nutrients it needs.

2 – Watch your portions

Everyone loves a plate full of delicious food, but often that delicious plate is way more than we should be eating in one meal. We understand that weighing and measuring food can be a chore. So try these tips to keep your portions in check:

Use salad plates instead of dinner plates

Fill half your plate with vegetables, then add the rest of your meal

Split mains if you’re eating out eat

3 – Eat mindfully

This can be difficult, but mastering it will go a long way in helping you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle. Pay close attention to hunger signs to tell if your craving for food is genuine hunger or just boredom, cravings, or even thirst.

4 – Get Activity

There are countless reasons to get more activity into your everyday life. If you decide to live a healthier lifestyle, you consciously build more activity into your day.This can be as simple as deciding to walk during your lunch break or to stand at a desk every hour. Every extra movement you put into your day benefits your health. As you build your habit, you can add extra physical activity to your day or increase the duration of activities you’ve already added.

5 – Set a bedtime

Regular bedtimes aren’t just for little ones. Getting enough sleep is essential for a healthier lifestyle. Getting enough rest helps keep your mind sharp and your appetite in check. Get used to being in bed at a consistent time to facilitate regular sleep patterns.

6 – Quench your thirst with water

Make a habit of starting the day with a glass of water and try to drink more water throughout the day.As you get used to the idea of ​​drinking water regularly, start cutting back on any sugary beverages you may have in your diet. Replace soda, juice and energy drinks with water. Most people don’t realize when they’re dehydrated, and believe it or not, three-fourths of Americans are chronically dehydrated.

7 – Save Dining out for special occasions

Dining out is cozy and delicious, but not always the healthiest option. It is common to overeat when eating, and it is not always known how much fat the food is prepared with, or how much salt or butter is used in the preparation.By cooking at home, you can control what you eat and what goes into your meal, keep a closer eye on portions, and most likely save some money.

8 – Plan, Plan, Plan

Starting to eat at home will greatly help you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle. However, the easiest way to break the habit of eating at home is to be unprepared. If you do not have the necessary at hand, you probably opt for the convenience of the nearest restaurant. Make a habit of creating a weekly meal plan and going to the grocery store regularly to stock up on healthy foods.This will help you resist the temptation of fast food restaurants and lunchtime pastries.

9 – Track What You Eat

Counting calories can be a bit of a chore, we get it. But it’s really the only way to spot hidden calories or mindless eating habits. We encourage you to keep a regular food journal, but even if you do this for just a few weeks you will be able to spot hidden food. You can carry a small notebook with you to keep a journal or record everything in an app on your smartphone.

10 – Find time for yourself

Make a habit of finding time each day to do something you love. Whether it’s a hobby, extra time to play with a pet, chatting with a dear friend… whatever makes you happy and relaxed, make time for it. We understand how busy life can be with work, family and fitness. But creating a regular routine that includes you, time that brings you happiness is important to adopting a healthier lifestyle.

11 – Practice Gratitude

Our final, but certainly not least, healthy habit is to practice gratitude.It might sound a bit cheesy, but be thankful for the little things that do

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