Is Treatment and prevention of disease
You may want to study pharmacy if you have a desire to help people through your work. As a pharmacist, you are at the forefront of disease treatment and prevention in society. This is an aspect of the job that is universal, meaning the skills learned during a pharmacy degree can be used anywhere in the world.

Taking Patient-Centered Responsibility
This job is very patient-centered as you are probably the first person a patient goes to with information about their illness.Pharmacists are often advised to give medical advice when a patient’s symptoms are not severe, which means they should be able to assess a patient’s needs and cater to them carefully.

Scientific Research and Development Opportunities
If you aspire to become a pharmacist, you also have the opportunity to pursue scientific research and development opportunities in the workplace, which can further expand your career opportunities and add variety to your role. It is important to remember that universities and research institutes also recruit pharmacy graduates directly if this type of work interests you.

Develop advanced knowledge and skills
In a career of this nature, you will continually learn and improve your understanding of medicine and better assessment and treatment of disease. Additional expertise you will gain includes effective and professional communication, operation of pharmaceutical instruments, and knowledge of the laws and ethical concerns associated with the supply of pharmaceuticals. Job Security
As a Pharmacy graduate you will also benefit from job security as the skills learned in a Pharmacy degree are specialized and pharmaceutical experience is required worldwide. In 2019, it was reported that 98% of pharmacy students had employment within six months of graduation (Insights).

Flexible Career Opportunities
An apprenticeship in pharmacy can lead to a variety of jobs and often offers good career opportunities. As an alternative to the pharmacist, you can use your medical knowledge in the professions of research scientist, medical liaison, pharmacologist or toxicologist, among others.

Departure into different industries
In addition to various job descriptions, there are also a large number of areas that you can enter with a pharmacy degree.Most graduates go on to become health professionals because the degree is designed for this type of work, but many pharmacy students also move into business, finance, and sales, or find jobs in childcare, health, and education.

Studies with a focus on science and mathematics
A degree in pharmacy includes mathematics and science, particularly biology and chemistry. If you have an interest in, or excel at, these subjects, you will likely enjoy studying pharmacy at university as it allows you to develop your numeracy and problem-solving skills for real-world applications.

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