noun, often attributive

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To save this word you have to log in. 1a: the front part of the human head, which extends from the forehead to the chin and includes the mouth, nose, cheeks and eyes

b: the face as a means of identification: FACE would know this face everywhere Part

2archaic: PRESENCE, SEE

3a: facial expression a friendly face

b: a facial expression of disgust or disgust grimaced at seeing the test results

c: MAKE-UP Sense 3a(1) – usually used in the phrase, pull your face up… I’ve never been the kind of woman who feels comfortable shopping without putting my face first.— Vicki Michelle


(2): the appearance of something that is, on superficial inspection, perceptible or obvious, the theory is absurd at first sight – Kim Neely


c(1): SECURITY, TRUST Against the odds a quiet ge keep sight

(2): Outrage How could someone have the face to Question

d: DIGNITY, PRESTIGEfear of losing face

6: the end or wall of a mine shaft, tunnel or excavation where work is progressing
many new faces here
per wrestling: BABY FACE Sense 2
Randy Orton when he earned respect a heel due to his arrogant and cocky personality. As a face, she has lost the smugness that defined her character and is struggling to find her identity.
— Rennie Detore
in his face
: direct and aggressive in his own presence
dipped the ball in his face
— often used with get to describe aggressive confrontational speech or behavior
his boss punched him in the face for being late came
in the face of or less often in the face of
: face to face with : DESPITE
fearless in the face of danger
in the face
: in his presence or so as to be aware of what is going on
if you have something say about me, say it to my face.
face Verb
face; facing
definition of face (item 2 of 2)
transitive verb

1: boldly confront
confronted him with evidence of treason
2a: align near edge, especially with different material
b: cover front or surface of
facing dem Building faces Marble
3: Head-to-head game or competition
The team faces a strong opponent in the next game.
4a: Stand or sit facing the class
The teacher was facing the class.b: the front facing
have a house facing the park
5a: openly recognize and deal with it
face facts
b: dominate by determined confrontation – used with
towards his critics
6a: have as a view: with
to be faced with facing a bleak future
b: to be a prospect or source of concern for
the problems we face
c:to face ruin
7: the surface of (something, like a stone) flat make or lisa
8: make (the troops) look in a certain direction on command
The captain looked at his company to the left.
intransitive verb

1: turned the face or forehead in a certain direction
The house faced south.
2: turning the face in a certain direction
He looked to the left.
facing the music
: facing an unpleasant situation, a danger or the consequences of one’s own actions

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